Duck Dishes

The most delicious cut of duck is breast along with crispy skin, we carefully and meticulously select the duck breast and roast it with aromatic Thai herbs. You can be sure our duck dishes will make you satisfied.

39. PED PAD KRA PRAO (duck with chilli & basil)
Slices duck breast with chilli and garlic, onions, peppers, long bean and basil leaves
40. PED PAD MED MA MUANG (duck with cashew nuts)
Stir fried slices duck breast with cashew nuts, peppers, mushrooms, onions & roasted dry chilli.
41. PED PAD KHING (duck with ginger)
Stir fried slice of duck breast with fresh ginger, mushroom, onions, spring onion, and aromatic sauce.
42. PED MA-KHAM (duck with tamarind sauce)
Crispy duck on top of quick stir fried pak choi, dressed with exotic tamarind sauce, cashew nuts and coriander.

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