Vegetarian Dishes

We use vegetables and/ or tofu as an alternative or accompaniment to our meat dishes with plenty of flavour and taste.

70. TOM YUM HED (mushroon hot and sour soup)
Hot and sour Thai mushroom soup with mushroom, exciting flavours of Thai herbs and lime juice.
71. TOM KHA HED (mushroon in coconut soup)
A delightful Thai hot mushroom soup in coconut soup with mushroom & Thai herb.
72. GAENG KEAW WAN PAK (vegetable green curry)
Thai green curry cooked in coconut milk with mixed vegetables, Thai herbs & basil leaves..
73. GAENG DAENG PAK (vegetable red curry)
Aromatic Thai red curry mixed vegetable cooked in coconut milk, Thai herbs, kaffir lime leaves.
74. PAD PAK MED MA MUANG (vegetable with cashew nuts)
A delightful Thai hot prawns soup in coconut soup with mushroom & Thai herb.
75. PAD PAK (stir fried mixed vegetable)
Stir fried mixed vegetable with aromatic vegetarian sauce.
Stir fried pak choi with aromatic vegetarian sauce.
Stir fried broccoli with aromatic vegetarian sauce.

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